Cross platform .Net framework 5 single runtime

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Unified .Net platform

At Microsoft build 2019, Microsoft announced a unified .net framework for Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. Which is called .Net 5. This .net framework version merged Mono, .Net Framework 4.x and .Net Core into one single run-time for all operating system. What a great news for .net lovers.

The next release after .NET Core 3.0 will be .NET 5. This will be the next big release in the .NET family.

There will be just one .NET going forward, and you will be able to use it to target Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly and more.

Microsoft will introduce new .NET APIs, run-time capabilities and language features as part of .NET 5.

Microsoft will ship .NET Core 3.0 this September, .NET 5 in November 2020, and then they intend to ship a major version of .NET once a year, every November.

.Net 5 Road map

It seems .Net Core has bright future. One language will rule all platform even web browser. But time will show the truth.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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