Create ISO File

How to create an ISO file for Free?

ISO file works like a CD/DVD disk. It is actually a virtual CD/DVD disk runs into a Virtual CD drive. ISO file is very helpful for combining multiple files and folders into a single file. It increases portability and allows us to make bootable CD/DVD images. In this post, we will discuss how we can create an ISO file using free software. For making ISO files we can use any 3rd party software. We are discussing free ISO file creation software below.

  1. AnyBurn
    • AnyBurn is completely free and very simple software. It can also create ISO from folders.
    • Burn all CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc image files.
    • Backup or add files and folders to CD, DVD, or Bluray disc
    • Burn Audio CD which can be played in regular CD player from mp3, m4a, ape, FLAC, WMA files
    • Rip Audio CD to MP3, FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV files
    • Copy disc using sector by sector method
    • Create image files from hard disk files or CD / DVD discs
    • Convert disc image files between various formats.
    • Create a bootable USB drive for Windows 7, 8, 10, or Linux.
    • Test disc sectors.
    • Download from the official website.
  2. WinISO
    • Free ISO Maker & WinISO 5.3 is the CD image file Editing tool, which allows you to open, edit, create, extract, and convert ISO files, and make bootable ISO files.
  3. Free ISO Burner
    • It is another free software. Since Microsoft Windows Xp this software is working well. Now they have updated their software for ensuring compatibility with Windows 10.
  4. Magic ISO Maker
    • This software also supports Mac OS .dmg format also.

Question related to ISO file

What is an ISO file?

ISO file is a sector by sector copy of a optical CD/DVD disk. It does not compress the content. It is actually used for archiving optical disk drive so that it can be burn into disk any time. Cause optical disk can be corrupted easily.

ISO Mounting Software

Most of the operating systems now support ISO file mounting. If your OS does not have that then you can install any Virtual CD Drive software for mounting the ISO file. For accessing the files and folder inside an ISO file it requires mounting.

How to burn an ISO to DVD?

Like mounting ISO files, most of the operating systems also support burn ISO images into a disk. It requires a CD/DVD writer connected to the PC. At windows 10 right click on the ISO image file and top of the context menu you will find the Burn to disk menu item. Which will start the burning process. Else you can use the above 3rd party software also for burning ISO files.

How to convert IMG to ISO?

AnyBurn has this feature. You can convert your .img file into .iso file using AnyBurn software. They have a complete tutorial about this on their own website here.

How to convert DMG to ISO?

Mac OS has built in utilities for converting a DMG file into ISO file. From Disk Utilities you can backup mounted DMG file. Then you can convert into iso file using following command from terminal.

hdiutil convert /path/to/example.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/example.iso 

If you want to convert DMG file into ISO file at windows operating system then you can use AnyBurn. AnyBurn can convert .dmg file into .iso file also.

How to extract an ISO file?

.iso file is not a compressed zip file but still we can extract an iso file using 7zip or any unzipping software. If you have 7zip or WinRar installed then after right clicking on iso file click on extract to menu item. It will extract containing all files and folder into the specified folder.

7z to ISO

.7z is a compressed zip file which is created by 7zip a widely used free software. So for converting .7z file you can install 7zip software and extract that file then you can create iso file from extracted folder using AnyBurn software.

Convert ISO to exe

Actually all software/games run from an .exe file. But it requires related resources/files. Most of the software or game was distributed by DVD/Blue-Ray disk drive or it’s ISO image. For starting the software/game from disk or iso image you have to run the executable file. Accessing that exe file you can mount the disk in the optical drive then run the executable. For ISO file you can mount that into Virtual CD ROM / Emulator or extract the ISO file into a folder. Then you will be able to run the .exe file. Else technically an ISO file cannot be converted directly into an exe file.

How to edit ISO file?

Editing an ISO file is possible. But you should keep the size with in standard CD/DVD size so that it can be writable into optical disk. For editing ISO file you can use UltraISO software.


ISO file was very popular. It is actually a CD/DVD file format. It can preserve the boot sequence. Can be mounted into a virtual cd drive. Also, we can burn the image into a physical disk. Sometimes we require to create ISO from folders or files. Hope this article will help you to create an ISO file. If still, you have any questions please as at our Question / Answer section. Thank you for reading the article.