How to screenshot on Windows?

Most of the operating system like Windows, Mac Os, Android, and iOs has built-in support for taking screen short of full desktop or part of the desktop or specific windows. Any standard keyboard has a button called Print Screen (Print Scrn) which is used to take full desktop screenshots even if it has multiple monitors. Some operating system has extra software for taking a screenshot.

Taking a screenshot is very necessary for who prepare tutorial, presentation, or software manual/documentation. It improves the visual representation of a document.

Where the Print Screen (Print Scrn) button is located?

Most of the keyboard has a Print Screen button (short form is PrtSc or Print Scrn). This button usually placed at the top right corner above Numpad if present. But for compact design, some keyboards may not present this button. Then we have to use any Screen Capturing Software for taking screenshots.

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Here we are discussing the screenshot-taking process step by step at different Windows versions.

How to take screenshot in Windows 10?

For taking full screenshots at windows 10 we can press the Print Screen button or can use the pre-installed Snipping Tool.

Now question is How to start Snipping tool at Windows? You can start Snipping tool from start menu by typing Snipping or by pressing following keyboard buttons at once

Windows Button + Shift + S

After pressing these three keys at once it will appear the Snipping Tool software. Immediately by dragging (for dragging press mouse left click and move then release click). We can select a region for taking a screenshot. If you start Snipping Tool form start menu then it will appear following window.

From this window, we can take screenshot by click on New button then drag on desktop by holding mouse left click. It will store the taken image into clipboard. Then we can paste by pressing Ctrl + V at any image editor like Paint or Photoshop.

In Future version of windows 10, Microsoft will marge Snipping tool with Sketch software. So then it will appear as Snip & Sketch software.

How to take screenshot in Windows 8?

Good news is windows 8 and 7 also has snipping tool. So for windows 8 and 7 we can also use same process for taking screenshot. If it missed some how then you can use Print Scrn button.


Print Screen button is very easy way for taking full desktop screenshot. Also we can use Alt + Print Src button for taking screenshots of only active desktop windows. Besides this button Snipping Tool adds extra addition to taking screenshots such as it allows taking screenshot any portion of desktop at any size. If you want to record full activity then you have to use any Screen Capturing Software. For knowing more about Screen Recording software you can read our another post here Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

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