How to use speedfan (v4.52) for cooling fan speed control

Speedfan is a very useful software for monitoring CPU core temperature and fan speed. In this article, we will review how to use SpeedFan properly. You want to know about proper uses of this software, which mean you have already downloaded and installed the software on your pc or laptop. If still, you don’t have the SpeedFan software then first download the software.

SpeedFan Software Main Window
SpeedFan Software

What is SpeedFan?

Speedfan is a free utility software which reads different sensor value of a laptop/desktop computer like CPU core temperature, Cooling Fan Speed, HDD temperature. Speedfan visualizes the computer hardware conditions. It also shows the HDD S.M.A.R.T Status.

Its main feature is its fan speed control. When your cores are becoming hotter on heavy load condition then you can adjust your cooling fan so that it cooldown CPU properly and does not drop the performance. But it works only on provided motherboards. SpeedFan is a very popular software among PC Gamers.

How to download speedfan?

Alfredo Milani Comparetti develops SpeedFan and providing the software from his website On his website, SpeedFan 4.52 is available for download. You can download it from the given link below.

Download Link speedfan 4.52

Setup file details

SoftwareSpeedFan 4.52
Setup Fileinstspeedfan.exe
File Size2.9 MB
FIle TypeOffline Installer
OSWindows 32 Bit & 64 Bit

How to set up speed fan?

From the above link, the speedfan453.exe file will be downloaded. Double click on that exe file for starting the setup process. Then follow the installation instructions. After completing the setup it will create a desktop shortcut. Double click on that shortcut for starting the software.

SpeedFan software license agreement
License agreement
SpeedFan component selection list.
Component selection list
select speedfan installation folder
Installation location
speedfan setup completed
Setup Completed

Let’s configure and use the software

Speedfan is a very small and free software for monitoring pc hardware and controlling the CPU fan speed. Let’s describe how we can do that?

How to check fan speeds?

On the main windows of the software, it shows CPU core temperatures and PWM Fan speeds. Fan speed RPM showing heavily depends on the motherboard support.

How to check fan speeds
PWM fan speed
How to check fan speeds

How to use speedfan on laptop?

The above installation procedure works on laptop also. But this software supports only a limited version of the motherboard. If your laptop motherboard does not contain in the supported motherboard list then you will be able to see very basic information. Also changing fan speed might not possible on that laptop.

How to use speedfan to control fans?

For controlling fans we have to change fan settings from speedfan and set the fan speed according to our needs. To do so let’s follow the following steps.

Step1: First click on Configure button on main windows of the software. Then it will open configuration windows.

Step2: From configuration windows go to Advanced tab and select your Motherboard Chip. Then select any of PWM, thereafter from below “Set to” dropdown select Software Controlled and click on the Ok button.

How to use speedfan to control fans
Hardware configuration for showing fan speed

Step3: Change PWM 1 value from main windows. It will change fan speed accordingly.

For more detailed control on fan speed please watch the YouTube video added below.

how to make speedfan start with windows 10

  1. Go to start, type Run, and press enter.
  2. Type shell:startup
  3. copy paste the shortcut of Speedfan in that folder
  4. Reboot, it should start once you’re in.
  5. to remove it, just delete the shortcut.

How to increase/change fan speed on pc / Laptop Windows?

Most of the Motherboard has support for controlling fan speed from BIOS. Entering into BIOS at computer startup differed by the motherboard manufacturer. You can check with your laptop model or motherboard manufacturer name, how to enter into BIOS?

Most of the devices use function key F2 or F3 or F10 or Del key to entering into BIOS. After entering into BIOS you have to find hardware control related menu for controlling fan speed. But changing BIOS configuration is risky. So before changing any configure read about that carefully.

We can also change CPU Fan speed from Advanced Power Option of Windows operating system. Advanced Power Option has System Cooling Policy sub section. From their Activate the policy then it will speed up the CPU cooler fan.

Videos on SpeedFan uses tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube.

Possible Issues with this software

speedfan not showing fans

Speedfan does not work with all motherboards. BIOS power option ACPI Suspend mode S1 is required for SpeedFan. Confirm that you are running the latest version of the software. Then from configuration find your motherboard chip. If your chipset shows on configuration then for proper configuration it will show fan speed. If your hardware does not show on the dropdown then SpeedFan will not able to show fan speed. For proper configuration check the above video.


SpeedFan is a free and useful utility software for monitoring and controlling CPU/GPU and chassis fan speed. But it is very critical things and depends on motherboard support. If CPU/GPU in a heavy load and you manually decrease the fan speed then it might damage your hardware. So be very careful to tune this software. It will be better if you use the software provided with your Graphics card or Motherboard instead this software. If you have any question then please ask at our Question/Answer section.

Thank you for reading our article.

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