Ethernet Splitter Review

There are wide varieties of ethernet splitters. In this article, we are going to review most of them with uses and differences with similar devices. Let’s first clear, what ethernet splitter actually is?

What is ethernet splitter?

Ethernet splitter is very confusing with Ethernet Switch/Hub. Ethernet splitter is a small device that contains two female RJ45 sockets and one male RJ45 connector. It combines two ethernet connections and extends throw a single RJ45 cable then split into two RJ45 ethernet ports again. So for using this you will require two parts one is a splitter another is a combiner.

How Ethernet Splitter Works?

Ethernet splitter is not like other audio/video signal splitters. Because a single ethernet line can’t be split into two RJ45 ports. It works slightly differently. It takes two inputs from the router and marge that into a single line then split that into two RJ45 ports at the other end.

how etherenet splitter works
This picture is describing how ethernet splitter work actually.

Ethernet Splitter Circuit Diagram

Ethernet cable Cat5 contains eight individual copper cables. 10 and 100 Mbps ethernet use only four wires for establishing an Ethernet connection between a switch and a device. That is why a single cable can split into two ethernet connections and works without any extra power. See the internal diagram below.

etherenet splitter circuit diagram
How ethernet splitter works. Internal diagram of ethernet splitter

Why Ethernet Splitter is used?

Now a day, in modern apartments ethernet connections are wired with a single ethernet port in most of the rooms. But if you require one desktop computer with a printer connected with a LAN connection then how you will connect them into a single line? The answer is to use a network switch but that will require an extra power adapter and electricity connection. Instead, you can use an ethernet splitter for two devices. Which is inexpensive compared with a network switch.

Problems with Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet splitter is a very cost-effective solution for home use. Also does not require any extra power supply. But it has several downsides also

Reduce thorughput:  

The main downside of an ethernet splitter is it limited performance. It can transfer only at 100 Mbps speed. It can not utilize the full bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Requires Splitter and Combiner:

Ethernet splitter can not work alone. It requires a combiner. From the network switch, it takes two connections and combines them into the single line which is called an ethernet combiner, and at the other ends that single line is split into two separate ethernet lines using an ethernet splitter. 

Other types of Ethernet Splitters

Like this ethernet splitter, there have also another type of ethernet splitter. One is USB another one is Type-C Ethernet Splitter.

USB Ethernet Splitter

4 ports usb gigabit ethernet splitter
4 Ports Gitgabit Ethernet Splitter

Type-C Ethernet Splitter

4 ports type c gigabit ethernet splitter
4 Ports Gitgabit Ethernet Splitter

Where to buy Etherenet Splitter?


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Ethernet splitter is a very useful utility for home use. For better performance Network switch is better choice.