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How to use c++ newline character?

How to output a newline in c++? Yes, most of the students ask those who previously learned C programming or first time learning c++. In C we can print a new line using \n at windows and \r\n in Unix operating system. At c++ we can also use \n inside string. Also, c++ has an operator called endl for printing a new line in console output. Now we are going to discuss the ways of c++ newline character printing with example code snippets. We have used Turbo C++ for compiling and running example codes.

c++ newline using endl

Example source code for printing new line in c++ using endl. endl is a c++ library, available under namespace std. endl works with c++ << operator. It does not work inside a string.


int main()
     cout<<"Print new line in c++"<<endl;
     cout<<"I love c++ programming";
     return 0;


Print new line in c++
I love c++ programming

Turbo C++ newline example source code Screenshot

We have tested the above code using Turbo C++ at Windows 10. Turbo c++ is available for download on our website. Added the download link at the end of this article.

c++ newline example source code.
Turbo C++ Code Window

Print newline in c++ using \n

Example source code for printing new line using c style \n character. Which works inside a string.

int main()
     cout<<"Print new line in c++ \n";
     cout<<"I love c++ programming";
     return 0;


Print new line in c++
I love c++ programming

Above both examples are producing the same output for different types of c++ new line printing technique.

More on new line

C++ new line in a string: If we want to add a new line in the string then \n is a better option else if we want to keep the string clean or show it from another variable then endl can be used. But when we put a new line character inside a string some time we put double slash \\n which will print an extra one slash in the output. In c/c++ \ only use for printing nonprintable character inside a string.

C++ Remove newline from a string: If we want to remove the newline from a string then there has no built-in function. The way is we can split the string by new line character then marge those line parts again. Or simply we can find the position of new line then replace that position with ‘\0’ character. Similarly, we can remove carriage return character \r from a string.

C++ endl not working: endl is a part of c++ standard library available under std namespace. If it does not work then you have to use with std namespace or configure the compiler so that it does not require then namespace as prefix. Some compiler requires adding using namespace std; below header includes. line in visual studio 2019 cout many not work without this namespace using.

endl vs \n : Both \n and endl do the same thing in c++. They add a new line into standard output. But the main difference is endl flushes the buffer at every call but ‘\n’ character does not. endl is an operator and ‘\n’ is a character.

Tab in c++: For putting tab inside a string we can concatenate ‘\t’ with the string.


What is endl in C++ programming?

endl is a manipulator used for inserting new line character and flush the buffer immediately.

What is using namespace std in C++?

C++ supports grouping class inside namespaces. We cannot keep the same class name inside same file but we can do that in a different namespace.
At c++ namespaces are added at the top of the file with using keyword.

How do you skip a line in C++?

For skipping or breaking a line we can use endl manipulator in c++. Also we can use new line character \n. Which is similar as C Programming language.

What library is endl in C++?

c++ standard library call iostream contains endl. For using that library use #include<iostream> or #include<iostream.h>Is Turbo C++ free?

Yes, Turbo C++ was developed by Borland company and it was completely free. Still available for download.

How do I run C++ on Windows 7?

There have several ways. To begin, you can download Turbo C++ from this link. But for professional work you have to use a different compiler with complete IDE like Visual Studio Community edition which is also free for professional use. CLion is another good paid IDE.

Is Turbo C and C++ same?

Yes, You can write and run both C and C++ code in Turbo C++ IDE. Turbo C++ was upgraded from Turbo C in the year 1990. Now a day both are discontinued. But still available for downloads and run on Windows 10 also.Is Turbo C++ still used?

Yes, Some schools/colleges/universities still use Turbo C++ for teaching C/C++ for first year students.

What is Turbo C++ for?

Turbo C++ is an Integrated Development Environment that was developed by a company name Borland. Now it is discontinued. But several individual people containerized Turbo C++ inside a VM and makes available for running on Windows 7 or above.

Which is Turbo C++ latest version?

The last stable version of Turbo C++ was Borland discontinued this product after that version.


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