How to download and use Turbo C++ in Windows 7/8/10

Turbo C++ is very popular C/C++ Integrated development environment. Turbo C was developed by the company name Borland. Mostly, used at Universities for teaching C/C++ programming language. It was developed for an earlier version of Microsoft Windows ( 95/98/XP ) and the DOS operating system. But still, this software is very popular for teaching C/C++. But the problem is this software does not run directly in Windows 10.

In this article, we have shown a complete tutorial from download and running Turbo C++ in the Windows Operating system to writing and compiling a sample C program. Also has shown solutions for related problems that happen if someone tries to run this software for the very first time. Hope this single article will make your programming language learning’s very first journey easy.

Turbo C++
Turbo C++ IDE

How to install Turbo C++ in Windows 7/8/10?

Borland first released Turbo C++ in May 1990. Now Turbo C++ is not officially available. Some other individuals or companies packed the last release of Turbo C++ inside a virtual environment and most of the websites providing those versions.

Available versions of Turbo C++

We found three distributions available online maintained by different websites. Last original release also available with an installer. But that installer will not work with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. So if we want to install that then we have to prepare the environment. Another release that requires .Net framework installation is available at link. We think the following version is hassle-free for download and run TurboC++ easily. Also if you are looking for turbo c++ 3.7 for windows 7 or turbo c++ 4.5 for windows 10 then this version will also work for you.

Turbo C++ Download Link

For downloading Turbo C++ please click on the download link below. After clicking on that link it will start downloading the single zip file from which file contains all the required files.

Download Turbo C++ v3

Size: 5.1 MB

Version: 3.0

Dependency: None

How to setup Turbo C++ in Windows?

This distribution does not require any other framework or library. No dependency. Just download the zip file. After completing the zip file download first extract the zip file and copy Turboc++ folder into root of C:\\ drive. All the files must contain in this path C:\\Turboc++ otherwise turbo c++ will not run. Installation is completed.

How to run Turbo C++ in Windows?

From TurboC++ folder double click on DosBox.exe file. It will start the Turbo C++ inside a virtual environment. Congratulation!! You have successfully run the software.

Turbo C++ folder location
Double click on DOSBox exe file for running Turbo C++

Now problem is this software is not like all other software. Cause it does not support mouse. Virtual Enviroment DosBox has a simulation but that is not so friendly. So, solusion is you have to learn required key board shortcut for creating, writing, compiling and running a C program.

How to Create and Run a new C Program in Turbo C++?

For Creating new program follow the following steps

  • Press Alt + F for opening file menu
  • By default it will select New menu item, If it does not then select New menu item by pressing arrow key.
  • Then type your code

Hello world example code for C programming

#include <stdio.h>
int main() { 
   printf("Hello, World!");
   return 0;
  • Press Alt + F then S or F2 directly, a save dialog will appear. Enter the appropriate name and extension like Hello.c then press enter. It will save your program with your given name.
  • For compiling the code press Alt + C . If there has no typing mistake it will show a success message.
  • For running the program press Alt + R
  • Congratulation! Your first C program is running inside Turbo C++
C Program compilation successful inside Turbo C++
C Program Compilation successful inside Turbo C++
C Program running side Turbo C++
C Program running side Turbo C++

How to use Turbo C++ IDE?

This IDE does not support a mouse. So you are not able to open menu items by mouse click. The way is you have to use keyboard shortcuts. Look at the Menu bar, you will see every menu name starts with Red color character.

Coloring the first character of each menu indicates that you can select that menu by pressing Alt + that color character. For example, if you want to open the File menu then you have to press ALT + F then you can navigate the menu by pressing the arrow key or can directly press highlighted the single character of submenu item. Like ALT + F then N for the new file.

How to close code window?

For closing the active window you can press ALT + F3 directly or you can close from Window menu by pressing ALT + W then C . Also, you can perform windows related other operations from the window menu.

From Window Menu, you can bring back Message, Output, Watch, and other windows as well.

Where is my code window?

If you open any new windows then you can lose your active Code Window. Then you can bring back your code window by pressing the F6 key.

How to exit Turbo C++ IDE?

By pressing ALT + X you can exit the IDE. If you have any unsaved code window it will show save dialog. You can save or discard that as your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download Turbo C++ on my laptop?

Turbo C++ Download Link. Click on this link it will download Turbo C++ from github.

Is Turbo C++ good for beginners?

Turbo C++ was developed for DOS operating system. Though now we can run that at Windows 10 but that does not have good mouse support. So it is little bit difficult for new users.

Is Turbo C++ free?

Yes, Turbo C++ was free and still it is free.

Will Turbo C++ work on Windows 10?

Yes, It runs inside DOS Box. DOS Box runs on Windows 10.

Is Turbo C and C++ same?

Yes in the year 1990 Borland upgraded Turbo C into Turbo C++.

Is Turbo C++ still used?

Yes, Still some college/universities use Turbo C++ for teaching C/C++ programming language for first year students. It is still free and safe for use cause it runs inside DOS Box. Still you can can the downloaded file using any antivirus.

Which is Turbo C++ latest version?

Last released version of Turbo C++ was after that Borland discontinued the product.

How do I copy and paste a program in Turbo C++?

Select your code by pressing Shift + Arrow key then press CTRL + Insert key for copy that code block and Shift + Insert key for Paste at cursor location.

How do I turn off Turbo C++?

Press Alt + x key for exiting Turbo C++ IDE. If you download above version of Turbo C++ then after exiting IDE it will show DOS Box command prompt. So you have to type exit and press enter or manually close that window by mouse click on cross button.

How do I uninstall Turbo C++?

Just delete all files located in C:\\TurboC++ folder. No steps are required. But be careful, Your all source code will be also deleted. So before delete please backup your all source codes.

What is \t in C?

‘\t’ is single non printable character which works as like as “Tab” key press from keyboard. So inside a string in C programming language if we want to put tab space then we can use \t for that. Example: “1.\t This is an example string with tab space”;


In this article, we have tried to show you how to run Turbo C++ in Windows 10 and crate/compile and run a c program inside Turbo C++. If you have any questions related to this article then please feel free to ask at our Question-Answer Section. Thank you for reading. Please visit our website for more articles. Follow us on Facebook.