Cocos Creator 2D Game Development Tutorial – Quick Start Game

This playlist contains the video tutorials for creating a simple Cocos Creator Game. We look at how to create scenes in Cocos Creator, how to create and write scripts, making actions like movement, keyboard input, creating prefabs, Collision Detection – the simple way, adding scores and adding audio with Cocos Creator.

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Cocos Creator is an integrated game development software. It can publish games on both Android and IOs platform. In this Cocos Creator Tutorial, we have listed the video tutorials which are also available on youtube.

Cocos creator video tutorials

Here we have listed video tutorials playlist. You can watch by clicking any of following video or you can navigate to youtube also.

This tutorial covers following topics

  1. The game we will be creating
  2. How to create a game scene
  3. Scripts and Properties
  4. making the player jump part 1 | moveby
  5. make the player jump part 2 | moveby, easing, actions
  6.  keyboard events | input
  7. making the player move | keyboard input
  8. Creating a Prefab | used to spawn
  9. Properties and the Game Script
  10. spawning stars code | using the prefab
  11.  Collision manager usage | Collision Detection
  12.  Enable the Collision Manager | Add a Collision Body
  13.  Removing sprites(stars) | destroying nodes based on Collisions
  14. Spawning nodes with correct physics settings
  15. Final Collision Manager Code
  16. Creating the score | using cocos creator labels
  17.  Timer Code
  18.  Cocos Creator Audio


Cocos Creator is a professional and open-source game engine with an integrated game editor for cross-platform game development. It has an all-in-one editor, built-in UI, Javascript support which is easy to use. For more tutorial please keep eye on our website

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